Video Production

These videos represent my most recent video production and editing work. I have been working with video editing softwares and cameras since I was a young kid, and I wield a combination of academic training and self-taught skills with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro. My current specialty is Premiere Pro, including utilizing their key framing tools for custom graphics animation. I also work with audio editing on some of these projects and have experience in Adobe Audition and Logic Pro.

RIFFVIDS @riffvids

My newest endeavor. Band live footage, interviews + promo videos throughout riff-filled underground music. RIFFVIDS is on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Below are three recent tour promotional videos I made using a mix of footage I've taken and found footage of bands.
I placed and animated all graphics as well as building the flow of each video from scratch.

Tour promo video made for Telekinetic Yeti / Tone Deaf Touring in June 2023.

I did: All footage of Telekinetic Yeti and Rifflord, all editing and graphics animation.

Tour promo video made for Weedeater / Tone Deaf Touring in June 2023.

I did: All editing and graphics animation, one shot of Weedeater is by me.

Tour promo video made for Weedeater / Telekinetic Yeti / Tone Deaf Touring in May 2023.

I did: All footage of Telekinetic Yeti and Weedeater, all editing and graphics animation.

Instagram REELS

Over the last couple years, I've been working on understanding Instagram REELS and how to make them work for you and your brand. At this point I have a solid understanding of formulas and methods needed to create successful REELS.

DJ sea_wraith at HIVE PDX 4.18.21

This video was shot and edited by me for sea_wraith at HIVE, Portland, Oregon's weekly goth night that has been going strong for twenty years.

DJ sea_wraith
Gogo Dancer Fawn
Track "Like A Dream" by Qbeck, Xenia Beliayeva. Approved by Xenia.
Made with the support of the Der Schwarm collective.
Videography/Editing by Wild Wes Video (Wesley Belknap).

On the Cusp of Wholeness

Working on this project was a privilege. I was the video and audio editor for this art film in collaboration with artist and professor Ted Lyddon Hatten. The sculptural, narration, and movement work was all the product of Ted's prolific aesthetic. The videography and photography were captured by the keen eye of Rick Lozier. The team was brought together and funded by producer Kathryn Dickel (my former boss, the CEO of Midwestix) for her meditative retreat program Pollinate Ritual.

The project was offered to me in December of 2020 while I was in the midst of working on my Navibus case study in the Thinkful UX/UI bootcamp. Kathryn reached out and said her team had lost their editor, and they needed a turnaround time of one week by the Winter Solstice. I agreed and met with the team in a Zoom room 30 minutes later. I was provided with all the raw footage and audio via Dropbox and worked the project remotely from Oregon while the rest of the team was in Iowa.

I designed the structure and flow of the piece based on my own intuition and a few constraints provided by Ted. Throughout the week, I generated and shared multiple iterations of the video with the team for feedback. The project was successfully completed by the deadline and all stakeholders were satisfied.

Truth Decay

I directed, shot, and edited this video as videographer for the Truth Decay art show series by artist Saulamon Schlegal in 2015. It was shown looped on projector during two shows: The first at The Lift in Des Moines, Iowa on July 2nd, 2015. And the second at the Viaduct Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa, on January 8th, 2016.

South Dakota Farm Auction Commercial

During the summer of 2019, I worked as video editor on a series of auction commercials with videographer Dylan Huey for Peoples Company Real Estate. Dylan would go out and capture all the footage with his drone at the various farmlands and then Dropbox it to me.

Peoples Company provided me with the graphics and logos and tasked me with animating them in After Effects, as well as different constraints regarding their timing and placement. I designed the videos to maintain the viewers' attention while conveying as much information as possible.

In this particular example, I was tasked with conveying the desirability of over 5,000 acres of land in around two minutes. I also chose appropriate music from public domain catalogs and edited in accordance to the audio. I delivered my ideated versions to the stakeholders and created new iterations based on their requested changes.

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